From 1942 to 2022!

See Susan's incredible kitchen transformation for yourself.

After residing in her Auburn, WA home for six years, Susan recognized the need for a significant update to her outdated kitchen space. Collaborating with our team, Susan sought to preserve the charm of the past while infusing modern elements to create a more inviting atmosphere.

The transformation began with the removal of cumbersome upper cabinets and a peninsula, allowing for increased natural light and a more spacious feel. Throughout the project, our partnership with Susan was characterized by her keen eye for design and our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship.

Communication was paramount, ensuring Susan felt informed and confident in every decision made. The crowning jewel of the renovation, Susan's hand-hammered copper sink, became the focal point of the space, elevating its aesthetic appeal.

At Mercer Island Remodeling, we pride ourselves on turning dreams into reality, no matter the scale of the project. Susan's satisfaction speaks volumes, underscoring our dedication to delivering exceptional results. Join us in celebrating Susan's stunning kitchen transformation and the promise of future renovation endeavors.

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